Home automation

Loxone_Smart_Home_10Want to access all of the household activity from simply pressing a few buttons on a handheld device?

Well you can with home automation!

We are all looking for a simpler life, a life where all of our basic tasks are taken care of. We want our environment to be responsive to our needs so that we can simply get on with living our life to the full.

A smart home is not just a plug and play system – but a chance for your home to learn about how you live and your preferences. If it is getting too hot, your blinds will automatically close, windows can open if fresh air is needed and it can even learn your movements – simply have a sensor fitted that will detect your movement and produce an ambient glow to allow you to pop to the toilet and back without causing any disturbance to the rest of the household!

Loxone_Smart_Home_05Home automation offers flexibility with lighting, heating and cooling, security as well as your multi- media needs.

Home automation allows you to use set up your lighting in order for you to create a ‘theme’ for the different ways that you live your life. Say you wanted to read the paper in the morning, enjoy lunch with the family and then have a sophisticated dinner party – you can set-up differing lighting scenes to suit your needs.

Loxone_Smart_Home_02For your heating you can set-up varying zones, schedules and even remote access so that you can change what is happening to your home whilst you are on holiday.

We all want to know that when we go out for the day, or on holiday – our home is secure and safe.

Your home can be monitored when you are not there and you will even receive notifications to your mobile allowing you to be informed of motion or access to your home = offering you the peace of mind that other systems cannot.

Then the additional fun stuff! You can allow your home to show your personality – by synchronising Spotify or Google Play and even play different music in different zones within your home.

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